Port-a-loos and maintaine

We offer good quality clean well looking mobile port-a-loos. Our attractive looking port-a-loos look good in any environment- outdoor events, in the city environment and don’t forget the hard-working construction worker -port-a-loos for construction sites). We can also provide disabled toilets.

According to the clients wishes and needs, we offer to plastic wrap the toilets. Let us know how you want your toilet to look like and we help to realize it.

We want to help YOU find the best solutions for YOUR event!

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Port-a-loos on a trailer

Our aim is to help you make any event memorable and comfortable to enjoy for everybody, we haven’t forgotten the uncomfortable troubles our delicate lady’s have to go through at outdoor events- so we made our port-a-loos more recognisable, we added some nice colours on them to be found quicker and easier.

Port-a-loos on a the trailer are used at events with not many people, usually the host takes care of the transport. A category B drivers license is required.

Using the trailer is easy for everybody, if needed  instructions by our servers are available.

Available are four and five box WC-trailers, they are provided with special steps for easy use.

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We provide urinals, that can be exchanged for half of the men’s port-a-loos.

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Hand-wash stations

In addition to port-a-loos we also offer specialised hand-wash stations for rent.

The hand-wash stations are provided with clean water, soap and paper towels.

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Maintenance and transport of the port-a-loos

Renting periods for the port-a-loos are negotiable, they can be extended to the amount of time needed. We provide maintenance services for the port-a-loos according to the clients needs. Our maintenance serivincludes pumping empty the toilets, sewrig removal, pressure cleaning the toilets inside and outside with special cleaning chemicals, we replace the soap in the dispensers in the hand-wash stations, and also replace the toilette and refill the clean water tanks.

We transport the toilets ourself, where ever needed! Get a quote now!


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Ask for a quote for port-a-loos


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